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Mobile DVR - GPS Benefits & Savings Services overview

Vehicle security

Our Mobile DVR is a reliable and effective system for monitoring, tracking and the security of vehicles. It works on the principle of satellite positioning accuracy to within 2m. Vibration Sensors can sense movement, record and notify users of unauthorized use or if a breaking/theft is occuring in real time.

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Vehicle monitoring - standard

For those who would like to know where their vehicle is located 24/7, and have the safeguard of a Full Mobile Professional DVR System but dont want to overpay...there is a solution – Standard 2CH windshield Mount DVR unit. Along with GPS locating, you can live view out of the front camera or view the inside of the vehicle. This is perfect for parents with teen drivers.

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Home security & control

We also provide DVR and security Systems for your home as well. To monitor and provide safeguards against theft. Systems can be as extensive or a simplistic as your application requires.


Fleet management services Real-time, any time

Track and Monitor vehicle activity and your savings with real-time fleet management software that reduces time and fuel costs and increases productivity.

ArmorPro GPS Tracking System is an easy-to-use fleet management solution system and offer's these key tracking features:

Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

An affordable monitoring service for all kinds of vehicles and their cargos and drivers combines GPS technology with the convenience of 3G/4G connectivity and Real-Time Visual Monitoring via your computer or on your smartphone/tablet. A simple way to eliminate bad driving habits and secure everything important: luggage, cars, trailers, all kinds of valuable property and vehicles.

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Effectively manage costs & service

Powerful fuel diagnostics

Our auto fleet management solution plugs directly into your vehicle’s computer to identify fuel usage, fuel ups, Engine and vehicle system faults, engine temperature, odometer, PTO.

Put an end to any risky business

Over 30% of fuel costs and 90% of accidents are influenced by driver’s behavior. Our Mobile DVR with 4G live view monitoring allows for traning with previous monitored events to reduce risky driving by up to 50%, including liability reduction, Eliminating Fraud, as well as insurance SAVINGS!!

Dispatch on the fly

ArmorpPro 3G/4G, GPS technologies allow you to watch your vehicles in real-time and communicate new routes or stops directly from the smart phone app to their favoriate GARMIN GPS navigation system.

Keeping genius simple

Our OBDII Plug and play GPS units are installed in 3 easy steps. It’s durable, secure and entirely self-maintained. Avoid any hard wiring or installation costs by simply locating.