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Vehicle Security & Monitoring Overview

Vehicle Security

Our Mobile DVR is a reliable and effective system for monitoring, tracking and the security of vehicles. It works on the principle of satellite positioning accuracy to within 5m. Vibration Sensors can sense, record and notify users of unauthorized use or if a breaking/theft is occuring in real time. Picture and video can be simultaniously uploaded to your sever for identification purposes when the purp is cought.


Along with security comes safety when seconds can mean the difference between life and death. When setup properly unusual activity can trigger a preprogrammed alert that is sent to management or a loved one, such as a driver having a seizure or heart attack, or is in a car accident... there is no time lost when contacting emergency personell and trying to figure out their location to get them help.

Prevention and Control

Video Event Recorders Make Fleets Safer and can Reduce Accidents By as much as 50% (NHTSA).             We provide DVR and security Systems that give the user complete control over his and or her fleet/personal vehicle. To monitor and provide safeguards against theft, unauthorized use, vandalaism with notifications and 24-7 live monitoring from your home/office pc, smart phone, or mobile tablet. All of our systems can be as exstensive or a simplistic as your application requires. Some Examples, fuel input sensors, Temperature sensors, Motion Sensors and facial detection, fuel cut relays, hazard and horn outputs, etc...

Know Whats Going On In Real-time, any time

Track and Monitor vehicle activity and your savings with real-time fleet management software that reduces time and fuel costs and increases productivity.

Cut Down On Training Cost Use Video Monitoring To Traing drivers and Reduce Risky Driving

ArmorPro GPS Tracking System is easy-to-use fleet management solutions offer these key tracking features:

Effectively manage costs & service

Powerful fuel diagnostics

Our auto fleet management solution plugs directly into your vehicle’s computer to identify fuel usage, fuel ups, Engine and vehicle system faults, engine temperature, odometer, PTO.

Put an end to any risky business

Over 30% of fuel costs and 90% of accidents are influenced by driver’s behavior. Our Mobile DVR with 4G live view monitoring offers audible driver coaching, liability reduction as well as insurance SAVINGS!!